Life and Donuts

So I was into this thought of writing down something other than poetry, for about a few months now. Currently obsessed with the absurd drama, I have watched ‘Waiting for Godot’ three times as per now (This is so true even though it is beyond belief). So all I was about to say is that, life is becoming so absurd in my eyes, that I’m not even equipped in bringing up some topics to write about. So should I be engulfed in this absurdity? Is the world truly absurd?

Now see the irony. Even though engrossed by the absurd drama, I don’t truly hold up the idea. To see the world vibrant, and relish the finite life to the hilt, is the unerring choice that we should take up. It isn’t that tough to find everything absurd, and prone to become unhappy. But it is really hard in finding happiness in the little things. But that very arduous task is gonna bring you full of the joys of spring. I’m no one here to refute the very philosophical stance of absurdism. But, how can the finding of life as meaniningless, be in anyway reasonable? And how can one lead a happy life without being reasonable? And without happiness what is life for?

I have wrote poems on dejection and sorrow, myself through downcast eyes. It is okay to be not okay sometimes, but to become the sufferer prolong your life is where the trouble lies. Carrying the dismal belief, that the very existence is meaningless throughout your life is itself meaningless. To enjoy an art with its profuse fluctuations, and to have a blind adherence to it are different. It is important to have the possession of that wit, in sensing the reasonability of circumstances we encounter.

My forever favourite quote goes like this: “Let everything happen to you. Beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final”. Rilk has beautifully said it!!!

Its been a day or two, since I came across an amazing comic by Pablo Stanley, named ‘Life and Donuts’. The comic gives us the picture of a girl asking a kid is everything okay for him, after noticing his sullen look. And now, from the kid we understand that he is depressed on his very existence, that he couldn’t cognize the point of his existence if he’s gonna die some day. The girl suddenly raises a question to the kid, that whether he likes donut or not. The kid says “yeah… so what?”. For this question, the girl retorts that no one is gonna stop having donuts because of the very fact that its gonna end with a few bites. May be its a bit hard, realizing its going to finish, but at the same time we would try to enjoy it even more at that point. Here, the kid refuses to hear the ‘stupid’ story of donuts as if he’s a kid, he says. He’s grown up, and all he wanted to know is the meaning of life. “You wanna know the truth”? The kid looks at her curiously to get an answer, and the girl says: “There is no meaning at all”. She further adds that our life is just one of many tiny accidents, which doesn’t mean that we have to end up the whole thing. “Life is tough”, and the donut is not forever. We are given chance to savor ever bit of the donut in our hand until it finishes. The girl asks the kid whether he would like to take a donut then, and the kid wants chocolates instead. The comic ends with the kid asking the girl if she was that very obsessed with donuts. She says yes🍩

The donut here is a metaphor for life, and the girl being obsessed with life already knows the truth that life has no meaning, and it is of no use in digging deep for the meaning of life. Happiness is in our own hands, life as donuts, delectable if we are ready not just to have it, but to cherish each of the bites. I liked how Stanley depicted the clever question that would anyone denies to have a donut unless it was a never ending donut. And its a big ‘NO’.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I found it exciting to watch ‘Waiting for Godot’, understanding that absurdity is not my kinda thing, still enjoying the ‘nothingness’ in the play. A numbness enter into me just after watching it, but still I won’t give too much of my thoughts into it. And that’s it. Relishing everything around us without surrendering to it, is the valiant act that we should start practicing. What if Vladimir and Estragon could see life as a donut, and start savoring every bit of it? They could have stopped waiting for the happening of their elusive hopes, and instead could have start doing their part to attain the attainable.

‘Nothing happens, Nobody comes, Nobody goes’. But does it really matter?👀 We got our donut with us, not to spade all those meanings, questions and answers😬 Keep relishing it to lose nothing, but to grow happier. Remember to keep going, revering both beauty and terror. Life is afterall meaningless… Big Whoop😉

P.S. I just mixed up Beckett’s play with Stanley’s Comic and Rilke’s quote, just to interpret my idea on how are we supposed to perceive the nature of our existence, and how I feel absurdism is not the precise notion to have for a happy life. Afterall everything depends on individualistic perceptions, and I just attempted to depict my own inference on the above matter.


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